A successful sustainable development agenda does not only require a shared vision. It requires a radical new way of thinking and acting on the personal, local and global level.

While other projects are focusing on practical implementation of the SDG’s the Pathways Project is a addressing the challenge from a different perspective. We believe that the problems we face have arisen as a direct consequence of our fragmented perception of the world. Unless our fractured perspective is also healed, the SDGs can only attempt to moderate the symptoms and not cure the underlying cause of our collective and planetary dis-ease.

At this crucial moment in history, evolutionary leaders from different walks of life are joining forces with the Pathways Project to ignite an evolutionary leap to the next level of human consciousness. With a unique combination of storytelling – and innovative use of new media technology – we aim at reaching and engaging a critical mass of people across the planet, and get them actively engaged in transforming the world.

Over the next 4 years we will organize a series of interactive live events focusing on implementation of the 17 SDG’s from a “whole world-view” perspective. The live events will be supplemented with a high profile documentary series – and an on-line forum, where leading experts will be inspired by the wisdom of the crowd.

Participants in the project will be invited to join a taskforce of content creators who have been assigned to help us develop, prototype and build a virtual simulation of a future world, where the 17 Goals have been implemented.  The virtual world will be a vibrant hub, where change-makers from different cultures can connect, collaborate, share ideas and learn from each other. The joy of discovery, the fun of testing our limits and the freedom of trying out new things will attract creative frontrunners who can help us build smart cities and bring greater coherence to the social ecological and economical systems inside the virtual world.

An Alternate Reality Game – weaved around an exploration of time, space, reality and human consciousness – will help us pull the next generation into the game, so that they can become co-creators of the world and experience what it will be like to live in a sustainable future. Some of the best ideas and greatest innovations developed in the virtual space will be presented to potential funders and implemented in real life.

The culmination of the project will be a spectacular mixed reality event in 2020, taking place on seven different continents simultaneously in collaboration with the UN and Office for the Futures.

World-class artists will participate alongside with heads of states and high profile evolutionary leaders. Some of the contributors will be “beamed in” as holograms, appearing in the 7 different venues simultaneously. During the event we will open the gates to the virtual world and present our vision of a sustainable future to high profile decision-makers and a global audience.